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Our warehouse logistics consultants can use their experience and expertise to transform your warehouse management systems and optimise stock control and materials handling processes. Using our knowledge and best practices alongside innovative technological solutions and warehouse management software (WMS), our warehouse consultants can help you to ensure peak efficiency in every stage of the supply chain.

Warehouse Consultancy

Successful distribution businesses are those that procure, store and move goods efficiently. They maximise their resources and set and measure KPIs to ensure their warehouse operation remains lucrative.


Our warehouse logistics consultants use their experience of warehousing to provide exceptional consultancy services that transform your warehouse management and stock control and optimise your processes and materials handling.


Our expertise, coupled with a strong mission to deliver, is what really makes us shine. It drives us to help you optimise your practices, processes and workflows for maximum profitability.

Warehouse design and reconfiguration


Whether you are building a new warehouse or want to reconfigure an existing one, our warehouse design services provide an analytical approach that reveals the optimal size, layout, storage and handling equipment for your business.


We analyse your sales, looking at your order line history, to assess in terms of quantity and value the amount of product picked per day and week. This evaluation ascertains the best design for your warehouse: how much product to store, what size the warehouse should be, the ideal configuration and layout of storage, receiving and packing areas, the size and height of your racking, what storage solutions to use, and which picking and distribution facilities to choose.


We can also factor in future plans, such as new marketing campaigns, or a new product range or target market.


Process design, practises and workflows


There are many processes that go on within a warehouse: goods receiving, quality inspection, putaway, replenishment, inventory management, waving, picking, shipping, cycle counts and stock takes. If any one of these processes can be improved, you could make your entire operation far more efficient.


For example, if you’re checking each order but only rarely encounter a mistake, then it is probably a better use of resource to only undertake spot checks. Or perhaps a different picking strategy would increase productivity, or maybe your stock could be arranged in a different layout that would facilitate the picking of a larger proportion of your orders.


Balloon One’s warehouse efficiency consultants undertake a process analysis to ascertain what could be improved, and produce a process map for optimised handling practices and workflows.


KPI development and performance management


What targets do you set for your warehouse activities? Are they the right targets?


Balloon One can advise you on your performance measures, and help you to set the most applicable KPIs for your facility, thus allowing you to benchmark and appraise the overall success of your warehouse.


Materials Handling Systems Designs


Material handling equipment (MHE) is very expensive, so you don’t want to buy kit only to find it doesn’t quite suit your needs.


Our experienced warehouse logistics consultants can design and develop systems that fulfil your operational requirements, recommending the most suitable material handling systems for your business. Not only can we advise on mechanical and electrical items, like forklift trucks, pump trucks, trolleys, weighing machines, and conveyors, but we can also recommend alternative warehouse storage equipment.


You might gain better efficiency from redesigned picking trolleys, for example, either by segregating the orders or by facilitating more orders per truck. Whatever solution is the most effective for your business, Balloon One’s warehouse management consulting service can help you to identify and implement the best strategy.


Demand forecasting and inventory optimisation


Every director in charge of a warehousing operation knows the importance of balancing the cost of inventory with product availability. You want to reduce the costs of stock you hold, but be able to fulfil customer orders. That’s why demand forecasting is such a key consideration in determining the profitability of a distribution business.


Our logistics consulting team will provide you with a detailed analysis which can be used to predict demand forecast. Looking at your stock and sales history, we can show you where you’re over or understocked and provide you with more accurate forecasts that model your projected stock requirements based on historical demand.


WMS operational requirements


If you’re specifying for a new warehouse management system, our extremely capably warehouse logistics consultants can help you to refine and detail your needs.


Essentially producing an invitation to tender (ITT) document, we undertake a detailed requirements gathering process that covers what functionality you need from your software and the associated peripherals.
In addition to the basic technical, software requirements specification, we include other elements that are tailored to your operation, such as whether the system needs to incorporate barcode scanning and label printing, quarantining of stock, and so on.


Many businesses spend thousands on creating a technical specification, only to have an IT provider question many of the requirements. With our expertise in deploying warehouse IT solutions, we already understand the needs of your business and can apply that expertise upfront, saving you both time and a considerable amount of money.

Customer Success


Over the years, the Balloon One team helped a number of major warehousing businesses overhaul their operations. Laboratory equipment supplier Camlab has seen a drastic improvement following our implementation of an integrated enterprise resource management and warehouse management system. Camlab has been working with Balloon One’s team of experts since 2007, after implementing SAP Business One with Accellos One (now HighJump Warehouse Edge). The company’s progress is just one example of our many successful projects — visit our case studies section to see how we’ve been able to improve efficiency across a wide range of different businesses.

Developing a WMS business case?

This paper introduces a tool to use when developing a project justification, identifies benefit categories for potential inclusion in the business case, and discusses areas of opportunity within the various benefit categories.


  • Business systems integration
  • International system transparency
  • Supply chain alignment and collaboration


  • Market & product development
  • Organisational diversification
  • Mergers and acquisitions


  • Non- traditional markets
  • Organisational agility
  • Digital disruption


  • Reduce outdated system dependence
  • Foresee process faults and errors

Learn how Balloon One could improve your warehouse processes


Warehousing encompasses a huge range of processes, all working in tandem: goods receiving, inspections, putaway, inventory management, picking shipping, stock taking, reverse logistics, and more. Given the complexity of operations, it can be difficult to identify weak or underperforming areas, and implementing strategies or new software can cause issues throughout the chain. That’s where Balloon One’s warehouse logistics consultants come in.


Our team will work with you to design and implement strategies that are tailored to the needs of your operation. Our experts use their knowledge and experience to deploy state-of-the-art IT solutions, Warehouse Core, Highjump Warehouse Edge, and Highjump Advantage, identifying which services will provide the most benefit for your business and helping you to roll them out.


It’s this approach — combining knowledge, expertise, and the most innovative tech solution — that allows us to greatly improve efficiency in every aspect of the supply chain. Additionally, our logistics consultants can also oversee and implement the introduction of any hardware needed to support the strategy.


Our expertise extends well beyond the warehouse stage of the chain, and our transport logistics consultants and supply chain consulting service can work with you to optimise every aspect of your operations. We can also implement a range of solutions to that end, including transport management software solutions (TMS), and enterprise resource planning (ERP).


If you’d like to learn more about what Balloon One’s logistics experts can do to improve performance in your warehouse, simply fill out the form below to contact us, or call us on 020 8819 9071.

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