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Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP – Enterprise Resource Planning

A single system for planning, purchasing, finance and accounts, sales and marketing, customer relationship management (CRM) and human resources.


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Warehouse Management Systems

WMS – Warehouse Management Systems

Advanced inventory management coupled with day-to-day operations management within the warehouse. Optimised receiving, putaway, storage, replenishment, picking, packing, shipping and reporting.


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Transport Management Systems

TMS – Transport Management Systems

Systems for the management of outbound orders, whether through third party logistics (3PL) providers or and in-house service. Functionality includes planning, decision making, excecution and measurement and reporting.


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Electronic Data Interchange

EDI – Electronic Data Interchange

Electronic exchange of both documentation and data to achieve significantly increased levels of business connectivity with both customers and suppliers.


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Customer Success

Camlab has experience benefits across their business through the implementation of an integrated ERP and Warehouse Management system.

The laboratory equipment supplier has been working with Balloon One since 2007, after implementing SAP Business One with Accellos One (now HighJump Warehouse Edge).



  • Business systems integration
  • International system transparency
  • Supply chain alignment and collaboration


  • Market & product development
  • Organisational diversification
  • Mergers and acquisitions


  • Non- traditional markets
  • Organisational agility
  • Digital disruption


  • Reduce outdated system dependence
  • Foresee process faults and errors

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