VALOGIX Inventory Planner is a next generation stock forecasting and planning tool that will forever change the way you plan your stock.


VALOGIX Inventory Planner is a PC-based inventory planning software solution. It enables you to forecast, plan, and optimize stock with less effort and more accuracy. Not only is the application affordable, fast, and easy to use, but it is also a smart system that does the complex computations for you.

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VALOGIX Inventory Planner determines which items to stock, which items to order, and which items are excess or overstocked. It manages an unlimited number of items and locations, and provides flexibility while different planning parameters allow more precise planning. VALOGIX Inventory Planner helps you manage by exception. The software’s intelligence provides “Alerts” of potential problems, before they occur… saving valuable time and helping you avoid potentially serious Customer Satisfaction problems.


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SAP Business One & NetSuite Integration

Advanced inventory planning is seamlessly integrated in SAP Business One or NetSuite, providing automated forecasting, replenishment, and optimization. It manages an unlimited number of items and locations simultaneously. Users have instant visibility to the Master warehouse, to field stock, retail locations, and everything in between. The proprietary planning engine efficiently plans for each item/location combination based on its own unique characteristics. Optimization provides exceptional value by reducing inventory safely and controlling purchasing spend.

Predictive Demand and Replenishment Planning

  • Enhanced forecasting for highly seasonal and slow-moving items
  • Vendor planning for easy replenishment management
  • New Items are easier and faster with the “proxy process”
  • Simultaneously generates new orders and stock transfers

Item Management

  • Enhanced details show lead time, service levels, vendor, and more
  • Full visibility at all locations: virtual, real, & customers (if desired)
  • Dynamically computes and reports on excess and obsolete inventory
  • Automatically sets shelf stock by item and location

MRP Planning

  • Restricts supply and demand in multiple warehouse environments
  • Automatically computes forecast for production orders
  • Replenishment planning is optimized for better asset and spend control
  • Creates a single purchase order per supplier covering multiple warehouses

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