Warehouse Management Systems (WMS)

Agile warehouse management system for the dynamic supply chain.

Configure. Adapt. Scale.

At Balloon One, our HighJump warehouse management system (WMS) will ensure that your business supply chain runs as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Combining radio frequency and barcode technology with a robust, three-tiered, internet-based architecture, the HighJump platform delivers a powerful, scalable and flexible real-time WMS that helps you boost productivity, reduce costs, shorten order fulfilment times and increase customer satisfaction.


By utilising barcoding and inventory control functionality, HighJump WMS software will consistently enables you to achieve over 99.9% order, inventory and replenishment accuracy.

As of 26 September 2019, HighJump has an Overall Rating of 4.1 out of 5 in the warehouse management systems market, based on 98 reviews on Gartner Peer Insights, a leading technology comparison site.

A Warehouse Management System for any business size

No matter the size of your business, we have HighJump WMS software to suit your needs. Whether you need a warehouse management system for a small business with 10 employees or a solution for corporation with a workforce of hundreds, you will find a system that has the features needed for your supply chain to operate to its maximum potential.

Browse our WMS options below to discover our range.

  • Multi-tenanted Cloud WMS
  • Out-the-box functionality
  • From ‘Kick-off’ to ‘Go-Live’ in 30 days
  • For smaller businesses with up to 10 warehouse operatives


  • Cloud or On-Premise Deployment
  • Highly configurable system for SMEs
  • 85 UK Implementations
  • Designed for businesses with 8+ warehouse operatives


  • Advanced functionality out-the-box
  • Users make their own changes with intuitive adaptability layer
  • Tier-1 WMS for large enterprises with 50+ warehouse operatives


Discover the Benefits of HighJump WMS

Download the free HighJump warehouse management system data sheet to learn more about what separates HighJump from the rest of the pack. You might also be interested in the rest of our blog posts and videos.

Warehouse Management System and ERP Integration

HighJump is a warehouse management system built for seamless enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration, allowing for the easy flow of vital information to all the parts of your business that need to access it.

At Balloon One, we are committed to ensuring the hassle-free implementation of HighJump into your supply chain solution. Our team can work with you to provide a complete WMS and ERP package that’s just right for your business.

We are excited to be named HighJump Partner of the Year EMEA in 2018/2019. Awarded for Balloon One’s continued focus and experience with Warehouse Management Systems in the EMEA region. 2018 continued a trend of uptake of Warehouse Management Systems by Small and Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs), particularly in the UK, focusing on industry recognised warehousing solutions such as HighJump.


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Leading WMS Implementation and Support Services

At Balloon One, we aim to deliver the complete package to meet your business’ supply chain management needs, including handling all aspects of your HighJump WMS software integration. From the scoping stage all the way through to aftercare support and maintenance, we’ve got you covered.

Discover how we’ll help you through each key stage of the process below. And, be sure to find out more about our expertise and hear from some of our customers, too.


  • It can be confusing putting together a functional WMS specification. What do you need? What do you not need? Many technology consultants will offer to write a functional spec for you, but sometimes at a cost of tens of thousands of pounds. That specification or invitation to tender (ITT) can instead be put together for you by a consultancy with a meticulous understanding of technology scoping, and at a fair price.
  • We will fully explore your operations and requirements, deciding which HighJump software aspects you should implement in your business, as well as what warehouse and transport hardware you will require.
  • The resulting functional spec or scoping document will not only have saved you considerable time, but thanks to our significant experience and expertise, it will also save you thousands.


  • During and after implementation of your HighJump warehouse management software, your users will need training so that they can be ready to use their new software immediately. You will also want them to be well-versed in all aspects of the WMS software: there’s no point in implementing sophisticated new functionality if they don’t know how to use it.
  • Our trainers will design and deliver bespoke courses for your staff. Or we can train a number of superusers — in “train the trainer” sessions — who can in turn train your end users.
  • It is often useful to revisit training once the warehouse management computer system has gone live and when users are more familiar with certain elements of the solution but can also benefit from more enhanced capabilities.

Customisation & Configuration

  • We will take your chosen HighJump WMS software setup and customise it to your individual needs, configuring all aspects according to your business’ requirements.
  • The implementation of your functional WMS specification includes software development, configuration, report writing and data migration. You may choose to take ownership of some of these tasks, such as report writing. But we can provide services to help and assist with this and any other customisation and configuration you need.

Support and Maintenance

  • Our UK-based support and maintenance services are essentially a reactive provision. We run a well-staffed help desk that provides WMS support via a portal, phone, and email. We can respond to enquiries about your software and you can log tickets if you have issues that you need us to investigate and solve.
  • Our 24/5 premium support service allows you to run your global operations with the peace of mind that there will always be a Balloon One expert on-hand to ensure the smooth running of your business.

WMS and TMS integration

If you’re looking to integrate logistics processes into your new solution, you’ll be pleased to know that our warehouse management systems are fully compatible with a suite of transport management systems (TMS) from Springboard Delivery.


Springboard Delivery is an innovative cross-platform application allowing for cloud routing and vehicle tracking, alongside proof of delivery (POD) capture on multiple Android devices. With the addition of 16 built-in carrier integrations, you can manage your whole logistics operations in one platform.

Meet the UK WMS Management team

Below you can find out more about the warehouse consultants in our WMS team who will use their expertise to optimise how you manage your supply chain.


After completing his PhD in Supply Chain Strategy, John joined Balloon in 2010. With many HighJump projects under his belt, John focuses on the customisation of the HighJump platform to meet varying customer needs.

John Burgess

Project Delivery Director

With a degree in Transport and Logistics and over 20 years experience in logistics (8 of which spent in Warehouse Management System consultancy) , Chris heads up the WMS consulting team.

Chris Marsden

WMS Consultant Manager

Anna has been working in IT for over 16 years, working with a range of SAP and HighJump solutions. Anna now heads up the Balloon UK Support team.

Anna Klysik

Support Manager

With a over 20 years experience in logistics and a particular focus on Supply Chain Management IT, Giles is a Project Manager focused on WMS implementations.

Giles Whitehead

WMS Project Manager

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